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The First Michael is a podcast full of hilarious and touching stories about the past, but it will also take you on a wild personal journey where the stories are being created in real time. Join Michael Buonocore and his partner in crime Lanie Hoyo each week for fast-paced episodes that will make you laugh hard, weep gently and keep you guessing about what will happen next. Curious? Hit play on Episode 1 – we bet we can hook you in 20 minutes!

Jun 15, 2021

The Big City Buonocores move from Brooklyn to small town Buckley, Washington, and it’s a bit of a crash landing for Michael. While his mother is glad to be away from the dangers of city life and his father is charmed by their rural surroundings, our young hero is not so thrilled. First of all, there are spiders and bees and an entirely unnecessary amount of nature. Second of all, the big source of entertainment in town is the Logger’s Rodeo. Who rodeos logs? Why is there a feed store downtown? What the hell IS a feed store? Can you get snacks? We’ll answer some of these questions for you, if we remember to.