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The First Michael is a podcast full of hilarious and touching stories about the past, but it will also take you on a wild personal journey where the stories are being created in real time. Join Michael Buonocore and his partner in crime Lanie Hoyo each week for fast-paced episodes that will make you laugh hard, weep gently and keep you guessing about what will happen next. Curious? Hit play on Episode 1 – we bet we can hook you in 20 minutes!

Jun 8, 2021

Remember all that stuff in episode 1 about how Michael is the Perfect Goodheart, the Chosen One sent from God? Prepare to have your world rocked when you find out the Devil has his hooks in him. We’ll travel back in time to Brooklyn in the 1970’s, when Satan was very actively possessing the children of Catholic parents, as we all know from the horror films of that era. Get ready for some laughs as young Michael tries to keep Lucifer at bay; you might want to have some holy water handy. And remember what they say: idle hands are the Devil’s playground or something, so send us your stories of temptation and getting caught to